Messy Lemon Curd Cupcakes (No Meringue, No Problems)

Sometimes you see something and you just NEED to recreate it. This scientist saw pictures of Lemon Meringue Cupcakes and she died. When she came back as a ghost she decided to recreate them. But without the pretty meringue, because, ugh, she didn’t like meringue. Continue reading


Make People Like You… with Marble Chocolate Cake

As scientists, we rarely take the time to meet new people. Listening to someone’s whole life story? Connecting on a personal level? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Luckily, our research has demonstrated that humans will gravitate to you….as long as you have cake.

To put this hypothesis to the test, your trusted, slightly misanthropic scientist extraordinaire decided to make marble chocolate cake and see if she could attract some unsuspecting individuals. Spoiler alert: it worked like a charm. Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Crème Brûlée of the Past

Welcome to a new NDSM feature: Flashback Friday!

On Flashback Fridays, we like to look back to our humble beginnings, and take the time to appreciate how far we’ve come by reminiscing about desserts once eaten.

Today we present you with this once scrumptious crème brûlée, which should have been a part of our Desserts Around the World series aaalll the way back in 2010.



Oh crème brûlée, we hardly knew yée.

Alcohol and desserts: Jelly Edition

The worlds of science and philosophy rarely cross paths, but sometimes the scientists of NDSM need to get real deep and ask themselves the big questions:

  • What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose in this universe?
  • Are ethics and science ever compatible? Do the ends always justify the means in the name of discovery?
  • What makes a dessert? Is it taste, appearance, structural integrity?

We have devoted our lives to finding the answers to these questions, and the path to enlightenment begins here, with vodka-filled giant jello shots made in a watermelon. Continue reading

Problem solving: tiny cakes edition

A scientist often runs into problems that need to be solved. Problems like ‘why are these cakes so delicious?’. Then the scientist runs some experiments to find a fix (as they say in scientist-speak). A problem this scientist recently ran into is that there was a promise made to bring tiny homemade snacks. ‘Great idea!’ is what this scientist thought. ‘Tiny cakes would be great!’, this scientist thought. But then the realization hit: how do you make tiny cakes that are smaller than regular cupcakes? This article tells this scientist’s journey to create the perfect (well, they were pretty good at least) tiny cakes.

Continue reading

Pie-lentine’s Day

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around! JK JK, this Saturday is just like any regular Saturday, except that basic bitches everywhere (both male, female and other) will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Hard.

Is there any way to not be basic and still celebrate L-O-V-E? Of course, just make it a Pie-lentine’s Day celebration – a day for (pie) lovers! Pie-lentine’s Day was invented by scientists in a lab (sort of) upon the realization that love, like life, is fleeting and all that really matters is living in the moment, and the moment is PIE.  Continue reading