Alcohol and desserts: Jelly Edition

The worlds of science and philosophy rarely cross paths, but sometimes the scientists of NDSM need to get real deep and ask themselves the big questions:

  • What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose in this universe?
  • Are ethics and science ever compatible? Do the ends always justify the means in the name of discovery?
  • What makes a dessert? Is it taste, appearance, structural integrity?

We have devoted our lives to finding the answers to these questions, and the path to enlightenment begins here, with vodka-filled giant jello shots made in a watermelon.

It might seem unusual to present this delicious summertime dessert in February, but booze and jelly are always in season. Disclaimer: this experiment was inspired by a post on BuzzFeed (yes we read BuzzFeed – scientists like lists of reaction gifs too!). You can find a detailed how-to over there. Our main focus for this post is: can this still be considered a dessert?

In this particular instance, we would argue that yes, giant jelly shots made in a watermelon do constitute a dessert. Why? Let’s examine the criteria proposed earlier:

  • Taste: the jelly still tastes like jelly, despite the alcohol content. Verdict: dessert!
  • Appearance: it looks pretty cool! Unlike regular jello shots, this would impress at parties, and could easily be found on Pinterest. Verdict: dessert!
  • Structural integrity: Well, it’s solid, so… Verdict: dessert?

Naturally, we made our very own specimen to conduct this experiment, and we are happy to share our visual results as well. Obviously this picture is blurry because booze, duh.

fuzzy melon

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