When Worlds Collide: Mixing Religion and Chemistry for Tasty Treats

Today is Fastelavn in Norway, which is the Sunday before Fat Tuesday. This religious holiday is usually celebrated by eating buns with cream and jam. Such tasty, tasty religion!

As a scientist, I always strive for discovery. Making basic sweet buns is no fun! Also as a scientist, I know Jesus doesn’t care whether or not we make sweet buns (because he ain’t exist, duh). I decided to use the same basic sweet dough recipe, but use it for GREATNESS.

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Make People Like You…. with Crispy Apple Turnovers

Having people like you sounds nice, doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t you want everyone to like you, regardless of whether YOU even like THEM? In the field of behavorial science, they might call it compulsive approval-seeking. In the field of dessert science we call it baking! Making three dozen apple turnovers for your co-workers may sound a little excessive, but we just think it sounds nice. Continue reading

Café Au Lait Cheesecake: Redux

Achieving greatness is a double edged sword. When you’ve created perfection, it’s all downhill from there… You become your own nemesis, always trying to surpass yourself. Can one ever be bested by oneself? Who even knows. All we know is that we’ve been waiting for ages for the perfect opportunity to make another Café Au Lait Cheesecake and the time has finally come! The only question remains: will it be worse, as good, or even better than the first one? Let’s find out! Continue reading

White Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

Sometimes you buy tons of chocolate, and realize that that is too much chocolate, so you have to neutralize the chocolate before you end up shoving it all in your face. And that’s when you make cookies! You may not think of cookies as challenging, but there is a lot of science and chemistry involved in making the perfect cookie. For this experiment, we chose to go for a cookie with hazelnuts and white chocolate (mostly because we had lots of white chocolate on hand). Continue reading