Lazy Nutella Brownies

Look, we can’t be revolutionizing the world of dessert science all day everyday. Some days we just want some deliciousness in our faces. Some days, your body betrays you and the only thing that can make you feel better is brownies. BROWNIES. I bet they could cure cancer (we’ll get on that).  Continue reading


Desserts Around the World: Swedish Tigerkladdkaka

It turns out that you don’t necessarily need to travel the world to sample exotic desserts! You can stay where you are and turn to the internet for help and inspiration. Your trusted dessert scientist decided to take a delicious metaphorical trip to Sweden this week, to bring you Tigerkladdkaka. Kladdkaka is a special type of Swedish cake, that can only be described as a brownie hybrid. The main characteristics are that a kladdkaka is dense, sticky and gooey – you know, like a brownie.  Continue reading