How to eat dessert for breakfast

As scientists we are always trying to find the answers to the important questions in life, like: how do you basically eat dessert for breakfast?

Well, this how you do that:


French toast. The French aren’t famous for no reason.

To make french toast you’ll need

  • bread (like that stale bread that has been on your kitchen counter for a couple of days right before it starts to grow moldy)
  • an egg
  • some milk
  • cinnamon

That’s it. Just mix an egg with some milk and some cinnamon (I always eyeball everything, it will be good, but: egg>milk>cinnamon. Only use a little bit of cinnamon!). Soak your slices of bread in the mixture and fry them in a pan. You’re done!

I usually get two slices out of one egg, but sometimes you get lucky and you get to eat three.

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