Desserts around the World – Texas pt. 4

In a perfect world. all desserts would be tasty, delicious and just all around wonderful. But sadly, we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a world where people cook up horrible things and still dare to call them dessert.

For a traveling scientist exploring the fine desserts of America, the brownie is not only a milestone, but a delight. Unfortunately, this is not a brownie. Do not let the picture deceive you. This is some sort of dirty sponge dipped in chocolate syrup and served with whipped cream and ice cream.



Desserts around the World – Texas pt. 3


Christmas is about of a lot of things, most of them not exactly christmasy, and sometimes you have to remind people that Christmas is about one thing: Jesus’s birthday. And how do we celebrate birthdays? With cake!

Last night, our traveling scientist celebrated Jesus with some proper American cake. Being so American and all, you’d think Texas, the most American state in America, would have its own version of it. But in a sad twist of fate, the Texans look to the east when ordering this most popular dessert. We can give you:


Our scientist examined the cheesecake to find the New York bit, but to no avail. Our conclusion: New York Style just means “absolutely fucking massive cheesecake”.

Desserts around the World – Texas pt. 2

This cakesmas, one of our trusted dessert scientists is exploring the wonderful world of desserts in Texas. As mentioned in part 1, Texas is quite varied when it comes to desserts, presenting not only good ol’ American desserts, but also tasty treats from good ol’ Mejico. Today, we present


Sopapillas are a fried pastry usually served with powdered sugar or honey, and in this case with some ice cream on the side. JEALOUS?

MERRY CAKESMAS! or as sopapillas would say: ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!

NDSM presents: Desserts Around the World

Today, we are introducing a new feature to New Dessert Science Magazine. It’s happening right now. Right this second. We are introducing: 

Desserts Around the World

This new NDSM highlight will feature desserts from far, far away, taking a closer look at delicious desserts around the world, depending on where our scientists are traveling.
Click through for our first feature: Desserts of Texas

This time, we’re exploring the exciting and exotic desserts of TEXAS. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be featuring desserts from the Americas, possibly both South and North, seeing as Texas is part of one but used to be a part of the other. Sort of. 

This first dessert is considered to be the most American of desserts. We tried to ask the interwebs why exactly it’s supposedly the most patriotic dessert, but to no avail. If you have some insider info, please share. NDSM cares. Without further ado, please feast your eyes on 

some good ol’ American apple pie:

Yum! Tastes like freedom and capitalism!

A picture post of failure: rijstevlaai edition

Sometimes you try something new with GREAT success, sometimes you try something which results in failure. If I had planned on making a rice pudding with barely baked bread on the sides and uncooked bread on the bottom, then this would have been a success! Sadly, I was going for a rijstevlaai. A Dutch dessert that is very delicious. It is still very delicious in raw and uncooked and smushy form, but it would’ve been nice to have it perfect!

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