Alcohol and desserts

They say everything can be made better by alcohol. As scientists, we love testing theories!

Making desserts better than they already are is an ambitious feat, but it is our purpose in life. We decided to test if the formerly mentioned saying about alcohol could be applied to desserts as well. To remain objective, we decided to let professionals make the boozy dessert, and bought a massive slice of Bourbon Pecan Pie:

Our verdict: too bourbony. Not even whipped cream could make it better! MYTH BUSTED


You’ve been waiting for this. Get ready for it. We’re finally revealing the results of that poll that has been up on this page for years now. There was no way for you guys to view the results before RIGHT NOW. I know you’re all excited and stuff. So, GET READY FOR IT.

We are sad to inform you that we had to use a pie chart to tell you that cake is the winner in this poll. WE CALL DISCRIMINATION.

Also, the numbers didn’t add up to a 100%? The Blogspot pollthing clearly doesn’t know math.