Make People Like You… with Success Tart

Norway is weird when it comes to naming desserts, but this one sure feels like a success! Usually made for parties, and especially around Easter, Suksessterte or quite literally Success Tart, is a classic Norwegian dessert. While the crust is made from a meringue-like mix of nuts, powdered sugar and egg whites, the topping is a vibrant yellow custard. Eggs are the main ingredient, which tells us one thing: tons of science happening right here!

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When Worlds Collide: Mixing Religion and Chemistry for Tasty Treats

Today is Fastelavn in Norway, which is the Sunday before Fat Tuesday. This religious holiday is usually celebrated by eating buns with cream and jam. Such tasty, tasty religion!

As a scientist, I always strive for discovery. Making basic sweet buns is no fun! Also as a scientist, I know Jesus doesn’t care whether or not we make sweet buns (because he ain’t exist, duh). I decided to use the same basic sweet dough recipe, but use it for GREATNESS.

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Desserts around the World: Pastéis de Belém – Portugal

When in Lisbon, one does as any tourist does and one visits the Pastéis de Belém bakery for a lovely delicious little custard tart. Sure you can buy them anywhere else, but we’ve tried others and the one at the bakery in Belém – with the long line of tourists in front – is definitely the yummiest. (They sell like a million a day, so don’t expect to find much love and care inside these pastries.)

Pasteis de belem

Pro tip: Notice that you’re supposed to line up in two lines, while all the tourists line up in one line. Queue up there and get some old tourist lady really angry at you for cutting in line. Point annoyingly at the signs that say that you should line up in two lines. Then have that lady push in behind you so that she can get in front again. Fun times!

Pastéis de Belém