Hi vlaai!

This is a vlaai. YUM! It has a creamy custardy filling. YUM!


CRUMPKINS! (aka cupmuffins, or muffincakes)

The life of a dessert scientist is a busy one, doing science all day every day. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time to make desserts on your free time! That’s why God invented Earth, the Heavens, and cake mix (jk, God doesn’t exist! We’re scientists!). Here’s a tutorial on making crumpkins out of cake mix, effort and a little creativity!

First, get your cake mix all mixed up. I used a muffin mix, but just regular cake mix should be okay too. Then comes the creativity! PRO TIP: I got 200gr of chocolate, chopped some of it to make sort of chocolate chips, and made chocolate shavings with the rest. If you want to get fancy, put come chopped nuts in there, or use some white chocolate, or maybe chopped up Reese’s instead. THE WORLD IS YOUR DESSERT (what?).

Next step is pouring the batter into the tiny little cups. This is the crucial part: DO NOT FILL THEM UP TOO MUCH. You’ll see why later.

Don’t they look ADORABLE? They do. Trust me, I’m a scientist. And this is what the end result should look like:

Is this what yours look like? No? Did you fill up the tiny little cups with too much batter? Well then this is what your crumpkins look like then:

BOOO. Here, have some of mine instead.