Make People Like You… with Double Trouble Apple Pie

How can you make something as basic as apple pie exciting enough to impress people? Let science show you! Start off being undecisive where you can’t decide if you want flaky delicious pie crust, or if you want crunchy crumble. That’s when you use both!


Just use store-bought puff pastry for the first crust, no shame. That’s what it’s for! Then you need four perfect, crisp autumn apples in small dice. Heat that with a couple tablespoons of water and some lemon. Add cinnamon to taste, and either honey or sugar. Let it thicken a bit, and put aside to cool. When done, pour onto the crust.


In another bow, mix flour, butter, sugar to make crumble topping for your pie. If you have oats, add oats. Trust me, it’s delicious. Sprinkle that ish on top of the pie filling. Bake for like 20-25 minutes at around 200 degrees, until the crumble looks crispy and brown #exactscience


Look at this marvel of modern dessert sciene. Now eat it with your face!





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