Make People Like You… with Double Trouble Apple Pie

How can you make something as basic as apple pie exciting enough to impress people? Let science show you! Start off being undecisive where you can’t decide if you want flaky delicious pie crust, or if you want crunchy crumble. That’s when you use both! Continue reading


Rijstevlaai done right (by professionals)

Ok, we get it professional pie baking people, you’re better at your job than we are at dessert science. You might remember this failed desserting moment in our long history – though, let’s be honest, you probably don’t, because we almost did not remember this one (since we got the flu right after). Anyway, you can buy these rijstevlaai’s at actual bakeries and then they look like this:



Professional-rijstevaaiI know, so unfair. Why are people that get paid for it so much better at making desserts!


Make People Like You…. with Crispy Apple Turnovers

Having people like you sounds nice, doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t you want everyone to like you, regardless of whether YOU even like THEM? In the field of behavorial science, they might call it compulsive approval-seeking. In the field of dessert science we call it baking! Making three dozen apple turnovers for your co-workers may sound a little excessive, but we just think it sounds nice. Continue reading

Individual Apple Pies

Individual Apple Pies

We are all human (mostly) and we all know how obsessive you can get once you get a craving for something. Like how you might strangle someone if you don’t get the thing you’re craving. As scientists, we’ve tried analyzing the physics of cravings, but usually we cave in way too early to get any kind of results. Which was exactly the case when these little invidual puff pastry apple pies came to be.
Continue reading

Crumbling Dreams of Bars

These crumble bars, they look so good! As real scientists we wanted to peer review them. With our labcoats on (it’s so cold, why is it SO COLD. #science probably) we went to work on these crumble bars! The methodology calls for cranberries, but we didn’t have a lot of them. We had blueberries, but also not enough of those. With a little ‘EUREKA’ we combined them and that is how these crumble bars were born. We also threw an apple in there because it was chilling on the counter while not being very helpful in general. Giving purpose to a life (or fruit) is one of NDSM’s missions, after all. Now you can make these too! They’re easy and delicious, but they might fall apart *sadface*. Continue reading

Pie-lentine’s Day

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around! JK JK, this Saturday is just like any regular Saturday, except that basic bitches everywhere (both male, female and other) will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Hard.

Is there any way to not be basic and still celebrate L-O-V-E? Of course, just make it a Pie-lentine’s Day celebration – a day for (pie) lovers! Pie-lentine’s Day was invented by scientists in a lab (sort of) upon the realization that love, like life, is fleeting and all that really matters is living in the moment, and the moment is PIE.  Continue reading