Desserts Around the World: Indonesian wajik

What!? Rice as a dessert? Yes! Rice can be great in desserts. Sticky rice (ketan rice) with palm sugar and coconut milk make something delicious(ly sticky):


This article says it’s still a popular snack, so that is a thing you know now. Learning! Science!


Make People Like You…. with Calamity Cake

As scientists, our grasp on reality is fully and completely based on the laws of physics by ya boy Izzy Newton (holla!). But as dessert mavericks, we need to remember another law: Murphy’s! Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare and how hard you try, everything goes wrong. And boy, did it ever. Trigger warning: rogue kitchen appliances, head wounds.  Continue reading

Who Says You Can’t Have Dessert Everyday? (Liars Say That)

Look, we are all painfully aware that summer is approaching. Besides sweltering heat, humidity you can cut with a knife, and sweating behind the knees, summer also means showing skin. Ugh. Now a lot of you may start thinking that a summer body is a non-dessert-having body, but you are WRONG. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t have dessert! We all deserve dessert! TREAT YO SELF. But let’s be #real, no one wants diabetes, it’s gross. So if you want to have dessert and feel like you made a sound, responsible adult decision, here’s how:

Get some berries. The only strawberries we could find this time of year are obviously steroid-filled mutants, but they still taste yummy. Seriously though, look at the strawberries… compared to the very normal-sized blueberries. That shit cray.


But yeah anyway, get some nice non-mutant berries and/or fruit, sprinkle some brown sugar (or stevia or Splenda or whatever you feel like) and add something creamy and tasty. Greek yoghurt, clotted cream, or even ice cream, who cares! You do you, boo. And finally: ENJOY!


Make People Like You… with Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo cheesecake

Our last social experiment was such a success that we decided that we needed to keep researching human interactions. You know, in the name of science!  The next logical step is to look at the bait. If we could improve the cake provided, would we attract even more people? We call this experiment: Oreo Cheesecake. Although it looks complicated, this is a fairly easy cake to make, but don’t tell people that! Let them think you slaved over this delicious treat for hours and hours. They’ll appreciate it more! Here are pictures of things you will need, we’ll get to the quantities later. Continue reading

Crumbling Dreams of Bars

These crumble bars, they look so good! As real scientists we wanted to peer review them. With our labcoats on (it’s so cold, why is it SO COLD. #science probably) we went to work on these crumble bars! The methodology calls for cranberries, but we didn’t have a lot of them. We had blueberries, but also not enough of those. With a little ‘EUREKA’ we combined them and that is how these crumble bars were born. We also threw an apple in there because it was chilling on the counter while not being very helpful in general. Giving purpose to a life (or fruit) is one of NDSM’s missions, after all. Now you can make these too! They’re easy and delicious, but they might fall apart *sadface*. Continue reading

NDSM Lifehack: How To Feel Better In 3 Easy Steps

Despite being brilliant, well-adjusted scientists, even we at New Dessert Science Magazine have our off days. Call it apathy, melancholy, monday…. We all know the feeling. Fortunately, we used our mad skillz to devise a solution to those off days.

Like love, happiness, and generally everything in life, desserts can be bought. This lifehack to feel better is very easy:

Step 1: Buy cake

Step 2: Eat cake

Step 3: Feel better!

Here is an example of a feelgood cake, that definitely brightened a scientist’s day recently: an Oreo Dream Bar

oreo dream bar (1)