YOUR face is a dessert!

The new (week old) poll results are in! The little hamsters in our computers had to work overtime to get all the maths done, but they were happy to do it! (Don’t worry, we gave them cakes, and pies.)

We won’t keep you waiting any longer, so here are the results that you had no way of seeing yourself before!

You guys really enjoy eating your desserts with your entire face! And NDSM fully endorses that! No better way of enjoying your dessert than diving your face fully into it.


New Dessert Science Cares!

Today, we are introducing a new feature to New Dessert Science Magazine. It’s happening right now. Right this second. We are introducing:

New Dessert Science Cares!

A column where our curious readers can send us dessert and/or science related questions our trusty staff will answer.

Our very first inquiry comes courtesy of K. She asked:

K: Dear NDSM, I like my desserts but I feel they’re not peppy enough. What can I do to add zip to my life?! XOXO, K.

NSDM Writer 1 responded: You can add those colored sprinkles! Or that white powder! Powdered sugar it’s called?


NDSM Writer 3 responded: Any dessert can be improved with popping candy. Like there isn’t a dessert that exists that isn’t better with poprocks in it.

No-Shake Milkshake

Look, you don’t need science to know that milkshakes are basically the best. But you do science to tell you how to make one without any appliances!

First: Make some very chocolatey chocolate milk

Then, take some ice cream (either vanilla or chocolate, depending on how X-TREME you want your milkshake to be) and melt it in the microwave

Now, just pour your chocolatey chocolate milk into the bowl with the melted ice cream and WHISK WHISK WHISK

Finally, pour your milkshake mixture into a glass, add a straw and