#TBT Sweet Sweet Dessert Moments

Here’s a secret: we love desserts. You never would have guessed it, but we do! However sweet they are, however hot they are, however sticky they are, we love them. Except you, tiramisu, you know what you did.  Continue reading


Crushed it! Nuts and a Delicious Cake

In today’s research we evaluate the following hypothesis: Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. But that doesn’t really make sense in the world of dessert science, so our final hypothesis is: Sometimes you’ve got to crush some nuts to get yourself a delicious cake. Any nut will do, but for the purpose of this experiment, we went for walnuts. Perhaps the craziest nut? We paired them with a classic: chocolate. Because what could go wrong with chocolate!? Nothing. Nothing went wrong with the chocolate. I am not being sarcastic, it was completely fine.


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#TBT: Hey remember that one time?

It’s once again time for #ThrowBackThursday! You guys, we just love throwbacks. We love reminiscing, remembering, recalling, all that stuff! Like the recollection, the reviewing, the whole retrospect of it. And gosh, who doesn’t love a breezy little walk down Memory Lane! Perfect spot to rehash, hark back, muse over and look back on former glory.

Remember that one time when we decided to make a killer cheesecake even better?

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Café Au Lait Cheesecake: Redux

Achieving greatness is a double edged sword. When you’ve created perfection, it’s all downhill from there… You become your own nemesis, always trying to surpass yourself. Can one ever be bested by oneself? Who even knows. All we know is that we’ve been waiting for ages for the perfect opportunity to make another Café Au Lait Cheesecake and the time has finally come! The only question remains: will it be worse, as good, or even better than the first one? Let’s find out! Continue reading