Yummy Mushy Pear and Vanilla Ice Cream

This is a pretty easy dessert. It’s supposed to be made with apple slices, but as New Dessert Science Magazine always says: apples are just apples, but pears sounds like bears!

Alright, so first off, get some adorable little pears, and awkwardly slice them up and put them in a bowl. Like so:

Then, you take that bowl of pear slices and add some brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon. Then you microwave it for a bit. Like so:

And theeeeen… get some vanilla ice cream. Like so:

And then you scoop some ice cream, place it in the bowl and….



[This post was written by our dear friend and co-founder Hazel (now he’s our honorary house ghost). Sadly the migration to wordpress ate up all the authors not named Carmen/Elisa. Here you can find the original post with the original author.]
What is the essence of a bryanlog? Is it the slight coffee flavour that tickles the tastebuds? Is it the storebought cookie crispiness that makes you long for childhood? Is it the whipped cream which quite frankly makes you feel kinda gross after about three spoonfuls?No. The bryanlog is about thrusting your spatula deep into the heart of the invention dragon and shouting “I WILL NOT GO FORTH INTO THE BLACKNESS!”
or whatever.

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