Desserts Around The World – Norwegian Spice Cookies

Fall is here. FALL IS HERE! Let’s all wear chunky sweaters, scarves and everything in burgundy. And let’s all be super basic and drink pumpkin spice lattes because fuck it. They’re delicious and WE ALL KNOW IT.

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White Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

Sometimes you buy tons of chocolate, and realize that that is too much chocolate, so you have to neutralize the chocolate before you end up shoving it all in your face. And that’s when you make cookies! You may not think of cookies as challenging, but there is a lot of science and chemistry involved in making the perfect cookie. For this experiment, we chose to go for a cookie with hazelnuts and white chocolate (mostly because we had lots of white chocolate on hand). Continue reading


[This post was written by our dear friend and co-founder Hazel (now he’s our honorary house ghost). Sadly the migration to wordpress ate up all the authors not named Carmen/Elisa. Here you can find the original post with the original author.]
What is the essence of a bryanlog? Is it the slight coffee flavour that tickles the tastebuds? Is it the storebought cookie crispiness that makes you long for childhood? Is it the whipped cream which quite frankly makes you feel kinda gross after about three spoonfuls?No. The bryanlog is about thrusting your spatula deep into the heart of the invention dragon and shouting “I WILL NOT GO FORTH INTO THE BLACKNESS!”
or whatever.

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