Long before New Dessert Science Magazine was a twitter account, and long before it was even a blog, NDSM was an idea. A twinkle in a young, hungry scientist’s eyes. That young scientist just couldn’t be content with eating regular old ice cream anymore, and shouted NO! NO MORE! to the heavens, and decided to take her dessert destiny into her own hands. Inspiration struck, and our young scientist remembered that basically everything ever could be made 300% better by adding peanut butter. AND SO SHE DID.

Now we (Elisa and Carmen) frequently put on our jaunty science hats and we create desserts through trial and error, experiments and just sheer force of will. Our passions and ambitions are innovation and invention. And rhyming, apparently. We seek to further the field of dessert science and bring about a new dessert dawn for one and all.

Follow us to stay up-to-date on all dessert science related news and ideas!


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