Pie-lentine’s Day

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around! JK JK, this Saturday is just like any regular Saturday, except that basic bitches everywhere (both male, female and other) will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Hard.

Is there any way to not be basic and still celebrate L-O-V-E? Of course, just make it a Pie-lentine’s Day celebration – a day for (pie) lovers! Pie-lentine’s Day was invented by scientists in a lab (sort of) upon the realization that love, like life, is fleeting and all that really matters is living in the moment, and the moment is PIE. 

If you want to honor pie in a grandiose way, make this from scratch. You know, making pie crust from flour, butter, sugar, a pinch of salt and a couple tablespoons of ice water – then pre-baking it. And also making the crumble topping from flour, butter and more sugar – you know, if you feel like it. But more importantly, you can let others do the work for you and pick up all of the ingredients from the frozen aisle section of any store, but preferably from Ikea.


By now you should have pie crust and crumble topping, who cares where it came from? The real talent in this recipe is making it look cute and lovey and sweet and pink and heart-shaped! So remember to use your tiny heart-shaped pie tins. Now for the pie filling, you’re gonna want to mix rhubard, strawberries and sugar like the soulmates that they are. If all your ingredients are fresh, just mash the fruit together with a fork. If they’re frozen (no shame!) use a blender of some sort – but careful to keep it a little chunky! Add sugar to taste.

Now for the big finale: coat your tiny tins with pie dough, add fruit filling, then sprinkle pie crumble on top! Bake until golden, and it should turn out like this:

horizontal pies

Now you can finally celebrate Pie-lentine’s Day with your one true love….. and also your bf/gf or whatever if they’re around I guess.

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