Crushed it! Nuts and a Delicious Cake

In today’s research we evaluate the following hypothesis: Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. But that doesn’t really make sense in the world of dessert science, so our final hypothesis is: Sometimes you’ve got to crush some nuts to get yourself a delicious cake. Any nut will do, but for the purpose of this experiment, we went for walnuts. Perhaps the craziest nut? We paired them with a classic: chocolate. Because what could go wrong with chocolate!? Nothing. Nothing went wrong with the chocolate. I am not being sarcastic, it was completely fine.


You can find the recipe here, and these were the steps taken:

  1. Crush them nuts real good.Walchoc-step-1
  2. Melt the chocolate with the butter and add some cocoa for EXTRA yummy chocolateness.Walchoc-step-2
  3. Add the chopped nuts.Walchoc-step-3
  4. Beat the egg whites stiff while slowly adding sugar. Proper stiff, until you can hold the bowl upside down and it stays put, kinda stiff.Walchoc-step-4
  5. Mix flour with the egg yolk, sugar and whatever else the recipe asks for.Walchoc-step-5
  6. Time to make a mess by adding the chocolate mixture.Walchoc-step-6
  7. Gently stir in the egg whites.Walchoc-step-7
  8. Pour your mixture into a baking tin and get the whole thing in an oven.Walchoc-step-8
  9. Delicious cake accomplished, science verified! And all it took was some crushed nuts and lots of chocolate. Dreams do come true.


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