Café Au Lait Cheesecake: Redux

Achieving greatness is a double edged sword. When you’ve created perfection, it’s all downhill from there… You become your own nemesis, always trying to surpass yourself. Can one ever be bested by oneself? Who even knows. All we know is that we’ve been waiting for ages for the perfect opportunity to make another Café Au Lait Cheesecake and the time has finally come! The only question remains: will it be worse, as good, or even better than the first one? Let’s find out!

Not gonna lie, it was actually better. The first improvement came in the way of the crust. Oreo Cookies are so 2012, but we weren’t feeling a regular old boring Digestive crust for this majestic cake. Our great innovative scientist minds decided to use chocolate chip cookies! I know, radical!

The cookies we bought were on the small/cheap side, so we added a few squares of dark chocolate for some extra flavor.

Full disclosure: 75 grams of butter was too much butter. Either add more cookie crumbs (we had about 200 gr) or use less butter. Still looked great in the cake tin though.

The next component of this marvel of dessert science is the cheese filling, which we still separated into two, but only tweeked the coffee/chocolate mixture. We added booze!

Booze makes everything better! Except nausea. We had equal parts espresso and Bailey’s Irish Cream, about 2 tbsp of each.

The cooking instructions do not differ from the original recipe, but this time that little bastard of a cake did not crack! We still added chocolate shavings though, cause that really makes a difference, especially in presentation.

Being a layered cheesecake, it’s nice to have some color and texture on top as well. We used both sweet and dark chocolate, in alternate layers. We recommend finishing with a layer of dark chocolate for an even prettier cake (science).

All in all, this journey into uncharted dessert innovation territory was a great success! Mark our words: this cake will be LEGEND!

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