Lazy Nutella Brownies

Look, we can’t be revolutionizing the world of dessert science all day everyday. Some days we just want some deliciousness in our faces. Some days, your body betrays you and the only thing that can make you feel better is brownies. BROWNIES. I bet they could cure cancer (we’ll get on that). 

Once in a while, you just have to cheat a little to achieve greatness. In this case, it meant using pre-made brownie mix. Usually we would NEVER, but there were extenuating circumstances! And if you really think about it, brownie mix is just flour, cocoa powder and sugar – which all come in a box anyway! So this was hardly cheating. IMG_7393

If you want to make this, just use any basic brownie recipe, then add almonds, hazelnuts and Nutella. Why? Because WHY NOT.IMG_7392

Almonds will add some needed crunch and texture to the finished product, while hazelnuts will bring out the flavour of the Nutella, which in turn makes for a more rounded and deeper brownie.IMG_7394

We also recommend adding a couple pinches of salt, or mixing in a handfull of pre-salted nuts to accentuate the cocoa flavour. IMG_7395

This will make for a thicker batter, so adjust the cooking instructions accordingly (add a few minutes). Let the pan cool on a wire rack, and if you actually posess any self-restraint, let the brownies cool for a few hours, maybe even in the fridge overnight. Brownies always taste better the next day!IMG_7396

If you feel guilty about making and eating this bastard of a brownie, divide in small bite-size pieces and serve to friends and co-workers. Then it wasn’t as much an indulgence as it was a public service.

You’re welcome!

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