Messy Vanilla Apple Pancakes

Apple pancakes sounded like a good idea. Kind of like an apple cake, but from a pan! Great ideas sadly don’t always end in great products. No one ever tells you that making apple pancakes can get super messy. I will hereby give you the cold hard truth: making apple pancakes is messy.Apple Vanilla Pancakes

You see, the apple and the pancake batter did not want to stick together like best friends. The pancake will get crispy and brown and nice, but when you flip it over, the pancake gives up and rips apart at the apple pieces. (Kind of like how your life falls apart when you realize you are terrible at making apple pancakes.) Once you’ve managed to flip it over, the thicker pieces of apple will keep some of the pancake away from the pan and then you end up with soggy gross white pancakes bits. The trick is to then push down on the pancake with a spatula and since the apples got softer you can smush them flat – those basterds. But sadly the damage is already done.

Just serve it with way too much clotted cream (or whipped cream) and devour it like you haven’t had any food all day. (Which is generally the case with breakfast.)

apple vanilla pancakes clotted cream

Then maybe do the dishes, or something.Pancake mess

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