Make People Like You…. with Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

It may seem like NDSM has been on a bit of a cheesecake bender lately, and we just want you to know that yes. Yes we have. Cheesecakes are the best because they combine two of the most wonderful things in this sorry world: cheese and also cake. CHEESECAKE! So naturally, they’re perfect for making people like you.

Our cheesecake experiments have been a little on the heavy side – and as a result, so have we (hahahahahaha HUMOUR) so we decided to maybe dial down the decadence a bit and see if cheesecake is still da best in miniature form.

We found an interesting recipe for tiny tiny cheesecakes but those are just too tiny. So instead of peer reviewing, we ended up tweaking the method. First of all, we’ve done Oreo crust twice now and we are #overit. Better to go all normcore and just use Digestives (the OG of biscuits) and some good, old regular butter.

The filling is like any other cheesecake filling. It’s cream cheese, sugar and eggs. The original recipe called for sour cream and vanilla extract but instead we used a couple tablespoons of this thick vanilla yoghurt thingy we had on hand. So clever, right? Mount Cleverest.

Then there’s the issue of the strawberry curd. It’s harder than you’d think, but not as hard as it looks #logic. It’s mostly just a lot of straining and stirring. As always, we panicked that the curd wouldn’t be thick enough and once again overshot the corn starch. It doesn’t affect the taste but makes it harder to achieve the marble effect.

Speaking of the marble effect, be careful when you pour the filling into the pots. Filling first, then strawberry curd. Swirl it around a bit with a fork, and DON’T mess up the crust in the progress.

Now you can bake them at 175 degrees for about 25-35 minutes. Check them regularly after the 20 minute mark. If you’ve done everything right, they should look like this:

If you’ve come this far in the quest of making people like you with delicious treats, it’s safe to assume that you’re an overachiever so here is a serving suggestion with fresh strawberries, blueberries and a very fitting tray. Serve this to any new friend and they will like you forever.


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