Make People Like You… with Café au Lait Cheesecake

Innovation is at the core of science and discovery, and to reach new heights, we must all seek to do better. For the future of desserts, and the future of mankind! And also for deliciousness. We’ve given ourselves an Easter challenge: Oreo-crusted Café Au Lait Cheesecake. No idea why it’s an Easter challenge, other than it’s happening this week, but we’re trying to top one of our greatest achievements (the Oreo Cheesecake). Disclaimer: this cake will change your life.

This cake bares a lot of similarity to the aforementioned Oreo Cheesecake, especially the crust. It’s basically the same! Crush some chocolate cookies (like Oreos), mix with butter and line the bottom and sides of your springform. Chill (both the crust and yourself).IMG_6411The filling differs slightly, but it’s still the same kind of thing (cream cheese, sugar, eggs). For this cake though, we needed to melt 100 grams of dark chocolate with a small cup of espresso. Please stop and appreciate how delicious that looks/smells. Since this is a two-layer cake, you’ll need to put aside 2 cups worth of filling before you mix your chocolate confection into the mixing bowl.IMG_6725Pour your mocha mix onto the crust you made earlier and bake for approx. 30 minutes at 175 °C.

IMG_6724When you check your cake, the edges should have set a little while the rest is still jiggly (scientific term). This is when you carefully pour the two cups of plain cheese filling onto the dark layer, and let it cook for another 25 minutes.IMG_6723Look at how perfect and delicious it looks! Not a single crack! Let it cool on a rack for a bit, about 20 minutes. When the cake has cooled, use a thin, sharp knife to loosen the edges of the cake from the tin. Your cake should still look perfect but….IMG_6722So if your cheesecake decides to be a total ass, just cover that pretentious bastard in chocolate shavings (we recommend both sweet and semi-sweet for this cake). Whatcha gonna do now, CAKE? Don’t even try melting those shavings right away, cause your luke-warm ass is going in the fridge until tomorrow!IMG_6721This improvised topping actually looks pretty good, and does make the cake taste even better when you finally serve it, so we actually recommend it for non-bastard cakes as well.IMG_6735Looking at this cake, and smelling it, will make your mouth water. It’s just a fact. To be honest, it looks so good that your heart might skip a beat or two. Without even tasting it, simply looking at this creamy perfection, you should just know in your SOUL that this is your greatest achievement in life. And then you need to hurry and get yourself a slice, cause this little baby is gonna get fully devoured in just a few minutes.IMG_6740Disclaimer: After serving this to people, you might want to take a break from making people like you for a little while. Better to wait until the sweet memory of this cakegasm has faded before you try to impress people again.


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