Who Says You Can’t Have Dessert Everyday? (Liars Say That)

Look, we are all painfully aware that summer is approaching. Besides sweltering heat, humidity you can cut with a knife, and sweating behind the knees, summer also means showing skin. Ugh. Now a lot of you may start thinking that a summer body is a non-dessert-having body, but you are WRONG. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t have dessert! We all deserve dessert! TREAT YO SELF. But let’s be #real, no one wants diabetes, it’s gross. So if you want to have dessert and feel like you made a sound, responsible adult decision, here’s how:

Get some berries. The only strawberries we could find this time of year are obviously steroid-filled mutants, but they still taste yummy. Seriously though, look at the strawberries… compared to the very normal-sized blueberries. That shit cray.


But yeah anyway, get some nice non-mutant berries and/or fruit, sprinkle some brown sugar (or stevia or Splenda or whatever you feel like) and add something creamy and tasty. Greek yoghurt, clotted cream, or even ice cream, who cares! You do you, boo. And finally: ENJOY!


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